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We know you because we were you. You committed to three years of law school. One or two years in, you embarked on finding the job that would launch your career. You began your legal career, trusting that you would choose the right fit for you. It could be after one year or after ten (or any year in between) but, at some point, you pick your head up and realize it may be time for a change. Maybe you are unhappy or feeling burnt out. Maybe you feel you have learned all you can in the role. Maybe the in-house world is calling to you. Maybe you have been with your firm for several years only to realize it isn’t where you can or want to make partner. Or maybe this role just isn’t getting you to your goal. So now what? Your career is at stake.

You have to decide whom you trust with your career. Someone who will truly partner with you as you navigate the process. An active listener. An expert who understands what it takes to succeed and has a wealth of information and resources to make sure you do. A recruiter with client access who will explain the ins and outs of a lateral search and be readily available for whatever support you need through every step and decision. That’s us in a nutshell. And that is what you need - and nothing less - when considering a critical change in your career.

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We know the title of Counsel is not one size fits all.

It can mean different things, depending on your law firm. Is it a stepping stone to partnership? Is it an alternative to partner promotion? Is it an automatic title once you reach a certain year of seniority? While the meaning of the title may differ, the one constant is that, as a counsel, you are more senior and further on in your career. Therefore, you must consistently evaluate your role within your firm to be sure your value is being maximized and appreciated, that you are being supported for any potential promotion, and that you are exercising control over your trajectory. We are well-equipped to assist you with that evaluation, to share the data points and experiences of your counsel peers, and to make sure any decision you make is an informed one. Take advantage.

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Whether you are making your mark as a law firm partner or assessing the mark you already have made, you cannot afford to work with anyone who doesn’t take your career trajectory as seriously as you do. You must partner with someone who embodies professionalism and good judgment. A seasoned recruiter who recognizes the sensitivity and confidentiality of your search and has the ability to maintain both. A professional who knows what a strong business plan should look like. A thought leader whose understanding and analysis of the lateral market shows depth and accounts for your unique priorities and those of your clients. Someone who has earned the ear of the most profitable, thriving law firms in the industry. This recruiter will be an extension of your brand in the market so you must align with the best. We take your career as seriously as you do and we know what it takes to optimize it.

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When we walk into a meeting with one of our law firm clients to discuss their hiring needs, or take a call for a new lateral search, we look to achieve three goals:

(1) to efficiently and effectively fill the role with a highly-qualified candidate that we have thoroughly vetted and feel confident will be a long-term match;

(2) to serve as ambassadors of that firm’s brand to the market and do so properly and persuasively; and

(3) to add value and as much of it as possible.

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If you ask the companies, funds and institutions that we have partnered with in connection with attorney hiring, they will tell you we take the utmost care and give the utmost attention to their searches. They will tell you we go to great lengths to know their organization so that we share an accurate message about who they are and what they need. They will praise the white glove service they received. They will say our network was 100% on-point for their needs. They will say that working with us on an exclusive basis made sense and our in-depth analysis and comparison of all potential candidates made the process more efficient. They will say we made their lives easier. And they will say we found them the right hire. Every single time. That’s a record we will work tirelessly and enthusiastically to maintain. We are excited to find you your next legal hire and we already know you are going to love them.

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